Hello! I’m Pierre Ramaekers, a professional designer and a self-taught maker. With a double background in both electro-mechanics and integrated design, I’m deeply interested in how innovative ideas can be brought into reality. Motivated by a desire to be an absolute autodidact, I’m always striving to explore new areas of expertise. Driven by an unwavering optimism, I’m always ready to dive into hands-on work, eager to learn from the tough lessons of the practical world around us.


Based in Cologne, I work out of my shared studio space, Brückengrün, where I engage in a wide range of design disciplines. My work spans from designing interiors for public spaces to creating unique objects, developing interactive designs, and even managing projects.

This website is a showcase of the various projects I have worked on.

Feel free to get in touch with me at Hello@pierreramaekers.com