“In his E411 series, Pierre transforms familiar industrial elements, typically functional, into the cornerstone of a concept for innovative objects. The outcome is a collection of poetic items that defy categorization, existing somewhere between the realms of industrial design and traditional woodworking. These creations simultaneously inhabit both ends of the spectrum, prompting reflection on their own existence: How does the material alter our perception of the mundane? Can an ordinary street light captivate us with its beauty?

The choice of high-quality maple for his creations is not just an aesthetic decision but a calculated move to ensure their practicality”

The E411 lamp, a tribute to Euope’s longest motorway.

The techbox-side-board, the most unnoticed element in any city.

The CCTV lamps, for the sake of having the feeling to being watched.

The double T-beam, a reminder of the refiness of steel beams.

The air-duct Lamp, for a breath of fresh air

The project was exibihted at the Labor, art gallery at Eberplatz in Cologne