In his projects E411, Pierre recontextualizes well known industrial, purely functional elements as the base of a concept for a new type of object. The paradoxical results are poetic objects which belong neither to the world of industry nor to that of traditional cabinet making. They Manage to occupy two extremes of a spectrum at the same time and thus question themself: To what extent material changes our perception of banality: can a common street light draw our attention for its aesthetic quality?

Pierre’s use of high-quality Marple for his objects, besides an aesthetic choice, is also the result of a deliberate decision to guarantee their utility.

The E411 lamp, a tribute to Euope’s longest motorway.

The techbox-side-board, the most unnoticed element in any city.

The CCTV lamps, for the sake of having the feeling to being watched.

The double T-beam, a reminder of the refiness of steel beams.

The air-duct Lamp, for a breath of fresh air

The project was exibihted at the Labor, art gallery at Eberplatz in Cologne